How to get out of your reading slump!

1. Change Genres

One of my ultimate go-to’s to solve my reading woes is to change genres and I always turn to Science Fiction or dystopian stories. These are usually so much different from what I usually read that I can get right into them and quickly read the story. I think it’s because they are unique and original and so different from reality that I can just escape into them much quicker even when I’m suffering from Reader’s Block. You might just be craving something different than your usual read and there’s nothing wrong with that!

2. Try a New Genre

I take pride in the fact that I read multiple genres but I’ve noticed my love for television also helped me branch out and discover new genres that never tempted me before. For example, I LOVE those cheesy hallmark movies (especially the seasonal christmas ones! Guilty!) and I am 100 % a hopeless romantic so I recently turned my attention towards Romance in Adult Fiction. I gravitate towards Rom/Coms with the occasional dabble of regency romances. Romance is definitely a harder genre to break into (if you’re coming from YA especially) but I honestly found it a great way to discover more reads that fit my tastes. So look to what you like to watch and try to read a book in that category! It helps me quite often and finding more things that I would like to read is always an awesome feeling! I also find that fantasy (one of my go-to’s) can be quite daunting to get through because of all the elements in those stories so I find returning to a simpler world is beneficial too. Most Rom/Com’s are set in the modern world which always helps me get my brain back on track because I’m no longer focused on all these new worlds to learn, instead I can just focus on the characters and their stories as the plot progresses. I honestly think that this helps a lot when dealing with complex world building because sometimes you just can’t get into an entirely new reality and guys, it’s ok to fall back to a more simpler time and place that is more relatable!

3. Have the Jar decide!

Don’t know what you feel like reading? Why not let your TBR jar choose for you! This typically works when you have absolutely no idea where to turn. Your shelves are no longer screaming at you with any choices that look appealing so why not just blindly choose one? This doesn’t always work for mood readers such as myself but I do find that it will work when you are completely stuck and haven’t read in a long time. This also helps if you’ve forgotten books that you own but remember them because you picked it from the jar! There are many times where I’ve forgotten books that I own, simply because they are on my reader rather than on my shelves. I always prefer the feel and readability of a physical book but I can never turn down e-book deals especially ones I’ve wanted for awhile. So use your jar! Because you might pick a book you never would have thought of!

4. Listen to your mood rather than your growing TBR/ARC pile

Do you ever feel that pressure from your backlog of ARC’s? I know I do and that never helps me read. If anything that overwhelming pressure pushes me further away from them, leaving me with no idea what direction to take. So let your mood decide for you instead of that pressure building pile. Sometimes you just have to let loose and go with your gut! Be spontaneous and choose what feels right and not what you’re obligated to read. I find when I have that pressure of release dates upon me for ARC’s that even when I push through and finish one, it’s ten times harder to produce a review for it because I wasn’t feeling it to begin with. And that is never good! You want to do the books justice and powering through like this won’t do that, so take a break and let your mood choose! Read something with no attachments to it!

5. Switch up the Reading Category!

I’m mostly a YA reader who dabbles in Adult fiction but I find that switching up the age category does provide a slightly different reading experience because the stories and characters are written for a different audience. This may help if you’ve been reading a lot of one category and need a slight change. Genres can stay the same but the change in writing style between categories could be just the thing to help you find your next read!

6. Try a Stand-alone story!

Sometimes I find a great stand-alone story is the perfect thing to fix my reading slump. The story, plot and characters are all wrapped up into one book making it the best thing to read when you don’t know what to read. Stand-alones are uncomplicated and short without the commitment of a full on series that could be as small as 3 and as large as 15. These books provide a pit stop on your reading TBR and they need no prior books to be read and enjoyed.

7. Size of book

A book that is both short and sweet could be your next read! Sometimes a page count can be a daunting task to finish. If you’re like me and skip to the end to check how many pages are in a book (and quite possibly read the ending…haha I know that’s bad but once again I’m guilty!) then sometimes you know that the more pages there are, the less likely you are to read it. This happens most often when I’m suffering from Reader’s Block. I will be drawn to smaller books rather than larger ones, that’s just what happens. You’re looking for a quick fix to your slump and shorter books are an easy go to!

8. Return to a favourite! (for comfort!)

I don’t usually reread my books because I have so little time that I want to read as many different books as possible but I can see the appeal of returning to a creature comfort such as a favourite book. They can be nostalgic, fun and you might even spot things that you didn’t see the first time around. I have my favourites and honestly I think if I was truly stuck that I might actually do just this. My favourites have grown so much since I started writing my reviews and that gives a lot of options! I think my go to favourites would be Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr and the Selection series by Kiera Cass! They are oldies but they are definitely goodies! (I’m cheesy and proud of it!)

9. Turn to the gram!

This might be just for bookstagrammers but this is a great way to find out about books that you had no idea existed. There are tons of readers just like you and me that have tons of recommendations and are more than willing to help out a fellow bibliophile when things get tough. I recently recommended some of my favourite rom/coms after someone finished one of my favourites and were looking for more like it! If you don’t have instagram, you could also try Twitter! Social media can definitely help you get out of your slump by simply asking friends and others who share the same interests as you! This community is extremely nice!

10. Check your reader! Changing platforms

A lot of times just a change of reading platforms helps me get back on track of my reading goal. It’s hard to explain and I do prefer physical books over e-books but sometimes a switch is exactly what you need!

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